Why Take Lessons?
With a lot of technology these days, it seems there’s no end to the tools and techniques available to help you to teach yourself. In fact, I advocate that listening to your favourite artists, watching them play on YouTube, and using online lessons and DVDs are all excellent resources that can really add to your bank of musical knowledge.So why then would you want to take lessons from me? I have given a great deal of thought to answering that question and what I can do differently to help you personally in your quest to play music that gives you a real sense of achievement.

  • In face to face lessons I can observe how you play and make adjustments, help you develop a good warm-up and practice routine that fits into your time schedule, answer your specific questions, and take you beyond what you can watch and playback online.
  • I will help you to set goals and map out a plan to reach them. We will talk about how you learn best and design a series of lessons using either a structured approach from a book, a structured approach tailored to suit you, or take a free form approach where you will feel completely uninhibited to experiment under a guiding hand that will gently steer you toward your goal.
  • Listening to songs played by artists is a great way to learn. In fact it’s a keymethod that some great musicians from years gone by used because copying others was all that was available to them. It’s still a very good way to learn, yet it can take a long, long time to do it that way all on your own. I can help speed that up for you by explaining what you’re hearing and how to recreate that either as it is, or to improvise your own variations to become something that is original to you.
  • If there are particular songs or pieces that you would like to be able to play, I encourage you to bring them to me and I will teach you to play them.
  • I will also guide you toward artists and music that you may not have heard or thought of. I have spent many years listening to and studying all kinds of music, and it has been well documented by some great players that improvisation is often borne from borrowing chords, progressions, licks and phrases from different styles or tunes and then re-arranging them in such a way that they fit a completely different tune.
  • I like to break a song down into its various elements so that you understand the theory, arrangements and techniques used to create it as well as helping you to apply these these things to other tunes, which will instantly open up your musical vocabulary.

The melodies, riffs, and solos all work together and can be treated differently if you are playing by yourself or with others. If you are interested in writing and playing your own songs, accompanying yourself or another singer, or playing in a band, I will help you understand how songs are constructed and arranged, the importance of phrasing, how and when to use emphasis and leave space to get the right feel across to suit the song.

I’ll also work on helping you to develop the tone you get from your instrument. One note played really distinctively can often have a much more stunning effect than just playing as many notes as you can as fast as you can.

So there you have it. I offer personal tuition that is designed especially to suit you so that you can make the most of your playing and get there sooner.